The Magic Frog

And The Magic Story Machine

Help the magic frog to remember all his interesting an fun stories by feeding the Magic Story Machine with your ideas how the story could go on! The machine then calculates the most likely (or funniest) answer and generates some golden coins for you to win, whenever a story is completed. You might even find some coins yourself just by taking part.

A Pot Full Of Gold

Current Value:

$ 0.00

Yes, it's totally free to participate and you even get something for it! Isn't that great? And yes, we're talking about money. You might wonder who pays for this. Well, this website is indeed very magical. It's not only about the "magical" stories but also about the magic of technology, the magic of the Blockchain and digital currencies.

This website issues a cryptocurrency called STEEM based on a decentralized community voting process. You can use this currency to give your own votes more weight or sell it for actual money. In a nutshell, STEEM enables you to earn, sell and buy influence in a global, decentralized content network.

The influence of The Magic Frog and the whole STEEM community is used to reward the people that take part in this collaborative storytelling project. The content of the story however is based purely on vote counts and not the influence of the individual.

The first story will start soon!

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