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Once upon a time...

there was an unlucky adventurer called Roland. One day Roland, along with a great number of adventurer was tasked by the Adventurer guild to explore a mysterious dungeon that had appeared out of nowhere.

by @vegaron

There are rumors that all of the lately lost people of the village could be found inside. The Adventurer Guild promised to give the adventurer or adventurer group that managed to rescue the people a very special and precious treasure.

by @atra-aranea

As unlucky as he always was, Roland however had a soft heart for people in distress. Thus he was prepared to do his best this time around. Before setting out, Roland decided to go on a trip to his Grandma's place at the country side. She was a witch.

by @curtwriter

It was a long journey into the forest where his Grandma lived so he prepared himself, carrying a water gourd and bread. A few steps into the forest, he heard the croak of a frog as it lay helpless in the fangs of a snake. He knew he had to save it.

by @neddie

Needless to say, the snake was surprised! However, to Roland's bad luck, that wasn't the snake charmer's magic flute. In fact, it was more of a long dog whistle. He blew into it and no sound came. Suddenly, something was rustling through the bushes.

by @enforcer48

Within moments the ferocious black grim charged out of the bushes. It howled and bared its blood stained teeth,

by @tdre

To be continued!

How will the story go on?

First, read how others see the story evolve and vote for them if you like it.

neddie wrote:

It looked at the trio and then began circling round them. Growling, it spoke out, "I have seen that you are kind. Your Grandma sent me to rescue you from this snake". With that, it pounced on the snake and tore it into pieces.

riovanes wrote:

After showing itself, the creature looked at the trio with disdain. "Who dares summon me? Was it you, mortal?"Said the grim with arrogance. "Yes, it is I who summoned thee. I command thee to rid of that serpent!" Roland hollered.


weird speech pattern, checked

enforcer48 wrote:

The ghastly creature appeared to be a dog, but something was off. It did not look corporeal. Roland then noticed it wore a tag. From where he was, he made out the engravings: Arfus. Roland knew an Arfus once. It was his grandmother's dog long ago.


Ghost dog appears.

curtwriter wrote:

It jumped on the snake and the snake dropped the frog before letting out an ear-piercing hiss. Suddenly, several king cobras and pythons emerged from the surrounding bushes, heads raised high and ready to strike. "Let's go" the grim shouted to Roland

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